miércoles, 10 de agosto de 2011

Java SE 7 Released

Me llego un mail hace instantes que nos dice lo siguiente:

After nearly five years of collaboration within the worldwide Java community, Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 is ready for download! The major features of Java SE 7 are Project Coin, the Fork/Join framework, the New File System API, and InvokeDynamic. It's an important step in Java’s evolution. Learn more:

Download Java SE 7
Read the Press Release: Oracle Announces Availability of Java SE 7
Watch the technical presentations from Oracle's global event on July 7
View Moving Java Forward: A Video Discussion about Java 7
Find a JUG meeting covering Java 7 near you
Access Java 7 Training
Get Involved in Open JDK

-The Oracle Technology Network Team (The Java Source Blog)