lunes, 19 de noviembre de 2012

Oracle cierra OSUM Community!

OSUM Community va ser clausurado este primero de diciembre, para el que no sabe OSUM Community era la apuesta de Sun por la comunidad educativa; era una plataforma web 2.0 con el objetivo de impartir cursos y que las universidades se sumen.

Con la muerte de Sun el proyecto se fue entibiando hasta perder fuerza, ahora Oracle quiere deshacerse de ese proyecto y quiere lanzar un sitio Oracle Academy en 2013.

Lo malo de esta movida es que no se va archivar nada de la comunidad OSUM, es decir lo van a eliminar completamente. La verdad es que me parece muy poco profesional, a una empresa como Oracle no le cuesta nada migrar foros, usuarios, post, etc. Otra movida mala de Oracle!!

Les dejo el mail que me llego con la noticia:

Dear OSUM Community,
We would like you to know that we will decommission the community on December 1, 2012. The community content will not be archived.  Secure your content by saving it externally.
You can continue to tap into the current, industry-relevant educational resources on Java and other Oracle related topics by joining Oracle’s premiere developer communities: Oracle Technology Network (OTN) and
As an Oracle Technology Network member, you can:
  • Choose from among hundreds of discussion forums comprising nearly 10 million messages to get crowd-sourced, actionable advice from Oracle engineers and other OTN members.
  • Download and use free software under our Developer License, with no limit. (Some downloads may have other license terms.)
  • Attend free hands-on workshops (physical and virtual): Oracle Technology Network: Developer Days, Architect Days and Admin Days.
  • Explore product and technology documentation, including the official Java APIs.
  • Get exclusive discounts and offers on books and other valuable resources.
  • And much more! 
Is Java more your main interest? Then, participation in is for you! is a premier web-based, open community created to facilitate Java™ technology collaboration in applied areas of technology and industry solutions.
  • It is a central gathering place for Java™ technology enthusiasts and existing communities across industries, platforms, and interest groups.
  • Java developers can find and post material related to their specialized needs.
  • Access a variety of collaborative tools such as wikis, weblogs, discussion forums, mail lists, and RSS newsfeeds, as well as traditional open source tools like Subversion, Mercurial, Git, and JIRA.
  • It is the one place to find out the latest news and opinions, have conversations with other developers who share specific interests, and ultimately engage in efficient development efforts using Java™ technology.
Join today!
Lastly, the Oracle Academy will be launching its new website in 2013, so be sure to visit to find out the latest Oracle and Java technology offerings for students worldwide.

Thank you for your support and continued participation!
The Oracle Academy
Visit Open Source University Meetup at: