miércoles, 8 de abril de 2015

Nuevos cursos en EDX

Hace tiempo que vengo publicitando los cursos de Edx, solo porque pienso que están muy buenos, les dejo los cursos:

New Coding Skills Just A Click Away
Introduction to Java Programming – Part 1 – HKUSTx – April 6th 
Introduction to Java Programming - Part 1
Build your programming skills and solve real world problems in Introduction to Java Programming. Learn to write programs to produce three-dimensional images, to analyze documents using character recognition, to generate fractal images and more.

Learn HTML5 from W3C  – W3Cx – June 1st
Learn HTML5 from W3C
Take your web development skills to the next level in this free course from the experts at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) who developed HTML5. Learn to create interactive websites and build experiences across mobile devices and gaming consoles using the world's most popular front end coding language. 

Introduction to Programming with Java – UC3Mx – April 28th
Electrical, Optical, and Magnetic Materials and Devices
Learn the basics of the Java programming language and prepare for the Advanced Placement (AP) Computer Science A exam. This introductory course will cover powerful concepts like functional abstraction and object encapsulation, as well as explain how to use APIs of some of the most common Java classes. 

Windows PowerShell Fundamentals – Microsoft – April 14th
Windows PowerShell Fundamentals
Invest in your career. Develop your cloud computing management skills inWindows PowerShell Fundamentals taught by the experts at Microsoft. This course is a perfect professional development course for system admins, script writers, server operators or anyone involved in managing windows servers who want to learn to how to automate manual, repetitive and time-consuming operations across tens, hundreds or even thousands of machines.