domingo, 31 de enero de 2016

Try Python

La gente de codescholl nos regala un curso sobre python, de la misma modalidad de "Try ruby". Sin más les dejo más info:


​Explore the basics of Python and learn what it means to store and manipulate numbers and words as well as make decisions with your program.


  1. Level 1 Try Python Badge

    LEVEL 1 FREE LEVELBirds & Coconuts 2 Videos | 6 Challenges

    Get started with Python by calculating how many swallows it takes to carry a coconut.
  2. Level 2 Try Python Badge

    LEVEL 2 FREE LEVELSpam & Strings 2 Videos | 7 Challenges

    ​Learn how to store characters in a string to combine, dissect, and slice words.
  3. Level 3 Try Python Badge

    LEVEL 3 FREE LEVELConditional Rules of Engagement 2 Videos | 7 Challenges

    Explore conditionals in Python to see how your program can make important decisions.