miércoles, 29 de junio de 2016

Curso de Angular 2

Code school me envío un correo sobre angular 2, la primera clase es gratis.

Dejo más info:

While many web apps were built with Angular 1, the faster and more powerful Angular 2 will soon be the new standard. Play Accelerating Through Angular 2 now to start building the future of the web.

Level 1: Angular 2 Ignition
Get an introduction to Angular 2 and write your first component with a template.

Level 2: Template Traction
Start with a few structural directives and then transform your view with pipes.

Level 3: Tuning It Up
Make your code more maintainable by organizing it into multiple components, separating your HTML and CSS, creating a data model, and splitting your data into a mock file.

Level 4: Data Binding Boost
Explore how to send data from JavaScript to HTML and HTML to JavaScript using one-way data binding, and then learn how to do both at the same time with two-way binding.

Level 5: Service Fuel Injection
Learn how to create your own services and then how to use the HTTP library to call out to the internet.
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