jueves, 4 de agosto de 2016

Try Django

Code scholl se viene con todo, ahora nos presenta un curso de django.

Bueno, les dejo un poco de publicidad:

Code School
Try Django
Get started with this Python-based web application framework and build your first Django app.
Start Level 1
What you will learn:
Level 1
Getting Started
Explore how a Django app works and get your first page up and running.
Level 2
Sift through templates, which will help you render HTML with dynamic data.
Level 3
Discover models, the blueprints for your data, and trace them back to the database.
“What is Django?”
You may be wondering if Django is right for you. In her new blog post, “Why Django”, Course Instructor Sarah Holderness compares Django to another popular framework: Ruby on Rails.
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