jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Flexbox en un nuevo curso de code school

Code school nos regala un nuevo curso, esta ves sobre Flexbox.
Code School
Cracking the Case With Flexbox
Learn how the different properties in Flexbox can help you easily build popular layout styles that are flexible across various screen sizes.
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What You'll Learn

Level 1
Learn how to analyze the new display property, containers, lines, and items.

Level 2
Explore how to align items, distribute space, and change order along the master axis.

Level 3
Straighten out the facts and learn how to align items and distribute space along the cross axis.

Level 4
Shape up by growing, shrinking, and declaring sizes of items.

Level 5
Discover how to align content in edge cases and group multiple properties.
Why Learn Flexbox?
Course Instructor Dan Denney explains two of the main benefits to learning and using Flexbox.
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Does your email client support flexbox?
If it does, the flexbox boxes will fill up all of the width that this text does.
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