miércoles, 24 de mayo de 2017

Try C#

Notaron que hace poco dije que .net core se viene con todo, bueno por lo tanto es buena idea estudiar C# y que mejor que tomar un curso de codescholl totalmente gratuito.

Code School
Try C#
You can build just about anything with C# — from web, desktop, and mobile apps to game development. Learn the basics of this general-purpose language and run your first C# console application when you play Try C#.
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What You'll Learn
Level 1: Introduction
Learn how to create and run a C# console application.                  
Level 2: Variables
Explore data types as well as declare, store, and retrieve variables.
Level 3: Conditions
Discover how to use conditions to change program flow.
Why Try C#?
Course Instructor Eric Fisher walks through the factors in choosing what programming language to learn andwhy you should try C#.
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