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Machine Learning Yearning

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AI is the new electricity

Machine Learning Yearning

Dear friends,
Learning algorithms are surpassing human-level performance in more and more areas, ranging from speech recognition to image recognition (in narrow domains). Competing against human-level performance has become a new sport in the deep learning world, but it is also a valuable endeavor for many businesses.

Why should you refer to human-level performance to speed up ML development? What happens when you surpass human-level performance? Read this week's chapters to find out!
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AI + X-rays: Enter the MURA Bone X-ray Deep Learning Competition!

For those of you looking for important ML applications to work on, my Stanford lab just released MURA, a large dataset of musculoskeletal X-rays. Applying deep learning to this dataset can advance diagnoses and improve healthcare in parts of the world where access to skilled radiologists is limited.

Enter our competition to see if your model can detect abnormalities in bone X-rays as well as a human radiologist! 
Join the deeplearning competition

Pun of the Week

If you have a great AI pun, tweet it to me @AndrewYNg using #AIpun. I'll share my favorite in next week's email!

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