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Machine Learning Yearning

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AI is the new electricity

Machine Learning Yearning

Dear friends,
What is the shared AI design pattern that is used to debug speech recognition systems, machine translation systems, and reinforcement learning systems?

There is a trick I had learned working on reinforcement learning for autonomous helicopter flight (fun videos here http://heli.stanford.edu) with my former PhD students Pieter Abbeel and Adam Coates, that turns out to be useful for improving all of these AI systems. Read on!
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Stanford's CS230 (Deep Learning) Project Posters Are Online

You can check out the posters from last week’s CS230 Deep Learning Poster Session here: https://cs230.stanford.edu/proj-spring-2018.html
While we’re on the subject of Stanford, here are a few pictures from the commencement ceremony on Sunday. Congrats to all the graduates!
Top secret: Most of us faculty can never remember whether the tassle on our caps goes on the left or right. We have an annual tradition of googling it at the last minute in the hopes of getting it right. Err, I mean left.  

Pun of the Week

I don’t watch much TV (Carol and I don’t even own a TV), but this is a station I would gladly tune in to!
If you have a great AI pun, tweet it to me @AndrewYNg using #AIpun. I'll share my favorite in next week's email!

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