martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

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He recibido de una empresa llamada Attune el siguiente mail y lo comparto:

Attune University

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ActiveMQ Startup Guide

  • Control over Mule Administration
  • Creating User and Accessing Roles to them
  • Accessing Work Flow From MMC
  • Understanding Application deployment using Mule Management Console
  • Creating Clusters and Deploying Application over them
  • Creating Alert and Email Alerts on Cluster/Server Specific behavior
  • Learning Load Balancing Over Cluster/Server

How to Dividing up Work with Queue in ActiveMQ

  • How to create connection with ActiveMQ JMS broker
  • How to Start ActiveMQ Server
  • How to create Consumer and Producer
  • How to send and receive message through Producer and Consumer

JMS ActiveMQ in MULE

  • How to Configure JMS component in Mule
  • Creating Global ActiveMQ connector
  • Monitoring queue Message using ActiveMQ admin
  • Complete Integration with Simple example
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