miércoles, 7 de septiembre de 2016

Codescholl lanza un nuevo curso ahora Django!!

Code School
Digging into Django
Journey into the depths of Django to build a fully functioning, scalable web application filled with treasures that will wow your users.
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What You'll Build
Forging Ahead with ASP.NET Core
What You'll Learn
Templates & Inheritance
Update the homepage in a Django app to have a grid view, as well as add a detail page and improve code with template inheritance.
Level 2: Forms
Add a new Treasure form so users can easily create new treasures from the homepage.
Level 3: Image Uploads
Enable the ImageField so users can upload treasure images from their own computer.
Level 4: Users
Relate the built-in user model to our treasure model to create a user profile page, and then add user authentication.
Level 5: AJAX
Leverage the power of AJAX to create instantaneous search functionality and a seamless Like button.
Why Django?
If you're wondering why you should choose to learn Django, Course Instructor Sarah Holderness breaks down the benefits in her new blog post.
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