sábado, 3 de septiembre de 2016

Codescholl nos invita a un nuevo curso de ASP.net

Codescholl lanza un nuevo curso de Asp.net de forma gratuita!!
Las dejo más detalles:

Code School
Forging Ahead with ASP.NET Core
Pick up where Try ASP.NET Core left off and learn how to use ASP.NET Core to create scalable web applications that are easy to test and maintain.
Start Level 1
What You'll Learn

Level 1: Engaging Data
Set up Entity Framework to read from and write to a database.

Level 2: Showing Off Our Data
Discover how data is related and how to get it from the database to our user’s screen.

Level 3: Making Our Presentation Smarter
Use layouts, partials, and editor templates to add functionality to our views and make them easier to maintain.

Level 4: Creating Logical URLs
Learn how to make URLs more user friendly and accessible to search engines.

Level 5: Validating Our Input
Keep our data clean by ensuring we only get valid input.      
If you're wondering why you should choose to learn ASP.NET, Course Instructor Eric Fisher breaks down the benefits in his new blog post.