jueves, 29 de septiembre de 2016

Codeschool nos trae un nuevo curso sobre Go!

Codeschool nos trae un nuevo curso, ahora sobre Go! 

Code School
On Track With Golang
Learn what makes Go a great fit for concurrent programs and how you can use it to leverage the power of modern computer architectures.
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What You'll Learn
Level 1
Level 1: 3,2,1... Go!
Begin learning how to build and run Go programs.               
Level 2
Level 2: Underneath the Tracks
Explore variables and type inference, learn about data types, write functions, and work with errors.
Level 3
Level 3: Following the Trail
Learn how to write loops, work with collection types like arrays and slices, and loop with range.
Level 4
Level 4: Adding Structure to the Data
Discover how to use struct types to encapsulate code, and learn the difference between values and pointers.
Level 5
Level 5: Gophers & Friends
Work with interface types, create project packages, and write concurrent code with goroutines.
Why Go?
Course Instructor Carlos Souza explains the three main Go features that make it a great language to learn.
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